Thursday, February 16, 2012

Way to Guantanamo

On my way to Guantanamo,
Shot my life till out of ammo,
Curtain falls, stained with blood and shit,
Washed ashore and filled with filth,
Put my face in the tearless grit.

Brought up by a branded gypsy,
Did get me a life ωorthy;
To lick the drop freedom,
At last shot to stardom;
I killed a man.

Buried deep,
Deep inside a million petals;
Of insanity and folded veils,
Got carried in devils jeep,
To the farthest shore,
Where my master lay.

By the shadow of the sycamore I sat,
To catch the wind, a lot easier than redemption,
The slideshow began, I had choice,  I had the vision,
The pain of regret, the pain of silence, then still;
I always had the choice, still I sat,
In the glory of the thorns of light.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 33rd Breath

Facing towards the drowning sun,
Filled his stainless pain in a gun,
And felt the cold taste of death
Digging his way to the 33rd breath

Astounded by the pace of thoughts,
Shivered as he melted the clots,
Of the days he crawled seeking warmth,
And of the days he ran into the dark.

Dreamt; the day when his eyes burned green,
Switched his 4 chambers to a guillotine theme.
Felt the tears of his pestering soul
Burning through his wounds of desire.

Saw; the day, he hung his head,
Broke the ten commandments and pled.
Dared to stand and feared to rise
Pushed himself into a cracked paradise,
Nowhere to run, took his 13th breath

Now kneeling in the wet sand,
Facing the soft, red sky he cried,
Without tears, swallowed the cold
Truth as his soul withered away.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crimson love

Three dots on her chin,
Was enough to make my heart thin.
The sight of her locks as black as ebony,
Hanging between the poles of heaven;
Made my Cupid assaulted heart racing.

Have I been so sanctified,
To take pleasure in her every stance.
Am I His favorite one,
To devour her charm in her every smile.

I wish I could lay beside her,
Until the time breaks down upon me.
I wish I could look into her tender eyes.
Until the heaven falls down upon me.
I wish I could carry her gentle whispers,
To a land, never heard of angels.

Your impression imprinted,
Inside my eyelids, for it never fades,
Before my usual solace.
Never had my soul cried so much;
To break out free from my
Mortal flesh and reach out,
To her heavenly touch.

In the wraith of the corridors,
I longingly wait upon a hundred nails of hope,
Just to watch her solitary gaze.
To kick start my parched,clotted life,
Once bounded by a misty maze.

I cry:The stitches of love,
She has made upon my face,
Never fades before the cursed,
Untraceable,sands of time.

I pray: I see her smile,
That steals away the breath of man,
I pray: I get a chance to cuddle,
Her thin strand of hair hanging,
Across her blushed cheeks,
Like the clouded straits of Hormuz

I pray:I never get lost,
In her wide expanse of whiteness;
For I simply can’t bear,
Even the slightest forlorn contraction,
Of her endearing face.

-Akhil Ahammed Thayyil

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh!Mother earth;
Thou sobriety be stirred,
By  emancipation of forces
The  recalcitrant mountains;
Encomium for your strength.

Rampant storms rappel;
The beholder of vapours,
Let the hearth be wet,
By your icy tears.
Let the whistling trees,
Succumb to your mighty bossom.

Children of  Earth;
Have you been rapacious,
For the mother’s emotions,
Has been set free.
The praying rock never justified,
By her permanent stillness,
Crumbles by her hand.
For she never leaves,
A pebble unharmed.

The senescent grass,
Upthrown by  breakage of hell,
Thought the paradise has cracked.
Encumbered to the suzerains of Earth.

Never will man learn;
For he forgot his path
Never will he malinger;
For his mother is angry
Never will he be stirred;
By the thunderous clasp.

For Heaven is below our Mother’s feet!!


Three years, three months, three days,
The longest path to the end of days.
Incipient with the coming of the old man,
Whose arrival spread havoc among,
The greatest of seers.

Trailing behind him was heaven and hell,
As vapours of an unkindled fire.
Confusing minds with his clandestine smile,
For his prey were the ignorant ones.
Not knowing the fact; a fiend,
Lay hidden in his bloodless flesh,
They get trapped in their own choice.

Making his way to the holy land,
Guarded by the men of fire,
In their shining winged attire,
With gleaming swords in their hands,
Never shaken by His torments of madness.

Holiness restored by making itself,
Pure with men of true faith.
The others-the ones with circumstantial belief,
Thrown towards their rightful fate;
Of burning their souls in the eternal flames.

His face as hideous as the moon,
Showed the first sign of fear;
For the long forgotten prophet,
 Came down to the Earth from the sky,
With the divine sword of integrity,
Fulfilling His successor’s prophecy.

Humanity lost its power of speech;
For they witnessed the battle of ultimatum.
The colour of the world was bleached,
As the rain came pouring down;
For one last time goodness did triumph.

Men rejoiced the victory,
As if there was no tomorrow.
But came down the judgment day,
When the Earth was broken beyond repair;
For God destroyed what He created.

No time for tears,no time for salvation,
Even mothers stopped caring for their children
And ran without even looking back;
At their years of damnation.
The young ones cried for their ranaway mother,
Without any use, succumbed to their fate.

On the final day, the dead were resurrected;
For no one could escape their final judgment.
Not even caring for their nakedness,
Humanity awaited their last hearing,
Upon the weight of their deeds,
Not knowing the final result.

-Akhil Ahammed Thayyil